The Gospel

At Green Lake the gospel is everything. 

We believe there is not an area of life—whether our thinking, feeling, relating, working, and behaving—that isn’t impacted or influenced by the story of the gospel. 

But, what exactly is the gospel?

The gospel isn’t merely a philosophy or even a good piece of wisdom to live by; it’s an announcement, God’s good news for all of creation.

In the Scriptures we find that God has not left the world to itself, but has radically entered into time and space to redeem it from sin and despair through the person and work of Jesus. This is the central truth of Christianity. It forms the core conviction for all that we do. Knowing we are terribly broken yet deeply loved both deeply humbles us, yet at the same time supply us with the confidence of our acceptance before God. The gospel rests not anything we’ve done, whether our successes or failures, but upon God’s grace and mercy.

As Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York, writes, “We never “get beyond the gospel” in our Christian life to something more advanced. The gospel is not just the A-B-C’s but the A-Z of Christianity.”

Consequently, the key to our life together is the continued re-discovery and application of the gospel. We invite you to join us in this process of discovery, to realize the joy and hope of Jesus in your life, perhaps for the very first time.


Imagine a city of people dedicated to walking with Jesus.

Christian living begins when we learn to walk as Jesus did. The gospel teaches us that God did not remain distant from his creation, but walked among us in Jesus Christ.

We believe this simple truth changes everything. The way we look at the poor and embrace our neighbor, how we engage our vocations and make our art. It changes families, communities, as well as our understanding of the world. 

It simply changes everything.

Through his life, death, and resurrection, Jesus established a way of walking, a path of life, for his disciples to imitate and follow. As a community we desire to walk this path. Through worship, training, and service we long to see the life of Jesus present among us.

We believe this vision--of equipped disciples, engaged in God's Kingdom work--is not only compeling, but necessary. It's something Seattle needs and something all of creation longs for. 

But this requires your participation.

Journeys begin by placing one foot in front of another. Oftentimes the path is unclear, even uncertain. Yet, until we walk in faith we'll never go anywhere. So join us and start walking with Jesus, today.


At Green Lake we embody four unique gospel values.

These values, along with our vision for gospel ministry, form and determine our life together.

Gospel Formation

This is our chief core value, the one from which the others flow. If we're to be dedicated followers of Jesus, then the gospel must first be formed in our heart. This happens when we come to value the things Jesus valued and love what he loved. Gospel formation happens through worship, training in Christian living, and acts of serving one another. We believe this formative path of learning, doing, and experiencing not only glorifies God, but also transforms the soul and blesses others.

Gospel Community

Following Jesus is never a solo process. It demands a community of fellow followers who are able to walk with us, to support us as we seek the things of Christ. Community means both deep joy and gratitude as well as the possibility for sorrow and brokenness. This is because community is more than people who look, think, and act like us. Gospel Community means partnership and accountability in a singular vision--to pursue the things of Jesus.

Gospel Service and Mercy

God calls each one of us to a particular mission. Whether that mission takes place in the home, and artist's studio, or classroom, God has equipped each of us with different gifts--missional assets, if you will--to serve others and expand the reach and influence of the Kingdom. What are your gifts? We believe these gifts are important and necessary for the health and growth not only of the church, but for the individual's personal discipleship as well.

Gospel Multiplication

Jesus compares the Kingdom of God to a mustard seed, something small and fragile but with large potential for growth and multiplication. The same is true for the church. God calls us to multiply our efforts by planting churches and ministries so that His gospel can take root in new places. We're on a mission to grow not only in spiritual vitality and health, but also in influence, scope, and reach. And we want you to be a part of it.

What We Believe

As a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), Green Lake Presbyterian Church holds to the historic creeds of the ancient church, including the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds, as well as to the Westminster Standards arising from the Reformation era.  

Below is a simple summary of our doctrinal disctinctives.

  • We believe the Bible is the written word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit and without error in the original manuscripts. The Bible is the revelation of God’s truth and is infallible and authoritative in all matters of faith and practice.
  • We believe in the Holy Trinity. There is one God, who exists eternally in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.We believe that all are sinners and totally unable to save themselves from God’s displeasure, except by His mercy.
  • We believe that salvation is by God alone as He sovereignly chooses those He will save. We believe His choice is based on His grace, not on any human individual merit, or foreseen faith.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God, who through His perfect life and sacrificial death atoned for the sins of all who will trust in Him, alone, for salvation.
  • We believe that God is gracious and faithful to His people not simply as individuals but as families in successive generations according to His Covenant promises.
  • We believe that the Holy Spirit indwells God’s people and gives them the strength and wisdom to trust Christ and follow Him.
  • We believe that Jesus will return, bodily and visibly, to judge all mankind and to receive His people to Himself.
  • We believe that all aspects of our lives are to be lived to the glory of God under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.



Green Lake is a member church of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

The PCA is Historic

We are committed to the timeless message of the Bible, which was taught by the early church, and emphasized in the Protestant Reformation.

The PCA is Progressive

We believe that God's unchanging message is so life changing, satisfying, and fulfilling that it must be communicated to each generation in contemporary language, forms, and styles.

The PCA is Unique

Not only is this combination of historic faith with contemporary flavor unique, but so is the fact that the PCA is international in scope. We work with believers from many countries to plant churches around the world. We have cooperative agreements with almost 60 Christian denominations and organizations for a worldwide mission focus.

A Vision You Can Embrace

Our vision is to fill North America with churches which will be communities of believers captivated by the majesty of God the Creator and Redeemer; and (as a result) content to be servants of Jesus Christ and his followers and committed to bring the hope of the gospel to a world which has lost hope.

We want to be faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ. Not only do we believe his written word and try to follow it as closely as possible, but also we make it our ambition to depend on Christ and love him. This motivation alone will produce a godly zeal to spread the gospel, build Christ's church, and promote exuberant Christian living.

Christ calls us to a living faith, expressed in deeds and words. We seek to obey what we profess to believe. We want to tell the world of the greatness of our sovereign Lord and to call all people to join in praising him. The grace and love of God compel us to live joyfully in all godly aspects and callings of life, as heirs with Christ of all creation and citizens of his kingdom.


david Richmon

Lead Pastor

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Luke Morton

Associate Pastor