Children’s Ministry

Welcome to Children’s Ministry at Green Lake Presbyterian Church! It is important to us that your children are well cared for and happy in their first experiences at church.



We have two nurseries to serve you during the worship service. Our Infant Nursery is for ages 4 months - walking, and our Toddler Nursery serves children through 2 years old. The Infant Nursery (1st service only) is located on the upper level (take the stairs near the main entrance) and the Toddler Nursery is located on the lower level. Your child’s safety and well-being are our first priority. Volunteers from our church body serve in the nursery on a rotating basis; all volunteers have been trained and have undergone a thorough background check.


1. Arrival/Check-In and Check-Out Procedures:

We use a digital check-in system that allows you to safely and securely provide us with important information about your child as well as assigns each child a “security tag” which you must present to receive your child at check-out. You have the option to save your child’s information into our system (for regular attenders) or to login as a guest, so that none of your information will be saved. At the nurseries you will be greeted by a volunteer who can help you register your child. In the Infant Nursery you will receive a pager that corresponds to the number on your child’s name tag, which can be used to inform you if your child needs you during worship. For pick up, you must present your security tag to a nursery worker so that he or she may correctly identify your child. Only a parent with the security tag may pick up a child from the nursery.


Both nurseries are available for check-in 10 minutes before the beginning of the worship service, but you are welcome to drop your child off at any time during the service. After the sermon we encourage parents to check their children out of the nursery and bring them into the service to celebrate the Lord’s Supper (Communion) and to join in corporate worship, though the nurseries remain open until the end of the service.


2. Snacks

About halfway through the worship service, snacks will be provided in the Toddler Nursery. If your child has an allergy, please indicate the allergy on the check-in system (this information will print on their nametag) and notify one of the nursery workers. Snacks are not permitted in the Infant Nursery.


3. Teaching and Play

In the nursery your child will have time for free play with a variety of age-appropriate activities and toys to choose from. We believe that children should be taught the truths of Scripture from birth, so your child will also be given opportunities to hear about God’s loving faithfulness and the grace of Jesus Christ through stories and songs.  


Children’s Church

Children’s Church (CC) offers a structured teaching and response time for children ages 3 - 1st Grade.


1. Registration Procedures:

To register your child for CC, use the digital check-in system at the GL Kids Table to print one name tag per child ages 3 - 1st Grade. Place the name tag on your child's shirt and head to the sanctuary with your child. We believe it is important for children to be a part of our worshiping community, therefore children will be dismissed just prior to the sermon and will return to the service before the Lord’s Supper. A notice will be posted on the projector to announce that the children are dismissed to the back of the church where they will be met by the teachers who will guide them safely to their classrooms. They will be returned to the sanctuary shortly after the sermon.


2. Teaching and Mission:

We use a curriculum entitled Show Me Jesus from Great Commission Publications. Our mission throughout this learning hour is to connect the cross of Christ to every part of the Christian life. We want our children to be irreversibly captured by the gospel of Christ, to cultivate a lasting faith and love for Jesus, and to help them understand that at the heart of the Gospel is a loving relationship with Jesus Christ.


3. Snacks:

A snack may be provided during Children’s Church. If your child has an allergy, please indicate the allergy on the check-in system (this information will print on their name tag) and notify one of the CC teachers.


Older Elementary Children

Children in grades 2 and above remain in the worship service with their parents. A children’s bulletin with a copy of the Scripture passage for the day, a coloring sheet, and an additional activity centered around the day’s Scripture or theme is provided at the GL Kids table (pencils and crayons are also provided.)  The purpose of the children’s bulletin is to help children engage in the teaching in a way that is age-appropriate.


Christian Formation Hour

We encourage you to join us for the Christian Formation Hour between the two worship services. Each of our 6 classes during this “Sunday School” hour are consistently taught by the same teachers, giving us the chance to really get to know your child and his or her spiritual journey.  



Nursery is provided in the Toddler Nursery on the lower-level for children ages 4 months - 2 years old.


 Ages 3–1st Grade: Godly Play

Children ages 3–1st Grade are invited to join one of our four Godly Play classes. For a complete list of classes and locations, click here.

Godly Play offers a unique approach to teaching children the Gospel, as it switches the experience of God from a school environment to a worship context. Children engage in a multi-sensory approach to worship as their morning progresses: They gather and prepare to worship, hear God’s Word as presented to them by the storyteller using three-dimensional materials, wonder together about aspects of the story that bring up additional questions or draw their interest, respond individually through artwork, quietness, prayer, playing with the story materials and reenacting stories they have already heard. Lastly, the morning concludes with Scripture Reading, prayer and a Feast of a simple snack and water. The children are released to their parents with a personal goodbye blessing.  

 2nd–12th Grade
We use a variety of curriculums for our middle and upper elementary Sunday School classes, including a class on the Elements of Worship (2nd Grade: Teach Me to Worship), a study of the New City Catechism (3rd & 4th Grade), and two age graded classes working through a Bible Survey, currently studying Job through Malachi (5th-8th Grade and 9th-12th Grade). For a complete list of classes and locations, click here.

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Service Times:

8:45 AM
11:15 AM

Christian Formation Hour:

10:15 AM


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