Church membership is an important step in connecting with the faith and life at Green Lake. Biblical church membership emphasizes the covenant nature of church community and joins us in a formal process to a local body of believers.

Here's how to become a member at Green Lake:

Step 1:

Attend The New Members Class

Three times a year (October, February, and June), we offer one-day classes to introduce people to the beliefs of the Christian faith and what it means to be a part of Green Lake.

Step 2:

One-On-One Connection With A Church Leader

Everyone who would like to join Green Lake will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one, or as a family, with a church leader, where you’ll be able to share your story, ask further questions, and consider how to get connected and involved in the life of the church.

Step 3:

Covenant Vows

For those who would like to join themselves to Green Lake, the final step is to make public promises to God and his people in a worship service. If you are becoming a Christian, this will also be an opportunity to celebrate the story of God’s grace in your life and be baptized.