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Get Involved by Meeting Needs

As followers of Christ we are called to be humble servants of one another (Galatians 5:131 Peter 4:10Philippians 2:1-7). And where the people of God respond to meet the needs of others around them, the church thrives.

We have a diversity of needs in the church, needs that are always surfacing and evolving, and we depend on our volunteers. Volunteers lead groups, take out trash, counsel hurting people, change diapers, make videos, play music, edit documents, clean bathrooms...the list is endless. Some people find opportunity to serve in ways that align with their gifts. Others simply respond to a need that they see (taking out the trash isn't a spiritual gift but someone needs to do it). Some volunteering requires a longterm commitment, like Children's Ministry. Some is temporary, like giving a ride home. All of it is important.

Sometimes the greatest way to bless others is to simply give your time to serve them. Sometimes the stongest community is built among those who serve shoulder to shoulder together. We encourage you to find a way to serve within your congregation and we've listed some opportunities to do so below.